The Rybczynski Prize

In 2000 the Society inaugurated an annual prize for economics writing in memory of Tadeusz Rybczynski, an eminent economist and former SBE Chairman. It is awarded at the Society’s Annual Dinner and the author(s) of the final shortlisted entries will be invited to the dinner as guests of the SBE.

The Rybczynski Prize is awarded to the best piece of writing on economics, as judged by the SBE Council (with assistance from specialist readers where appropriate).  The judges look for high-quality submissions on an important real world economic issue which merits wide attention among professional economists. The style of the piece should make it accessible and interesting to an economically literate business audience.

The preferred length is 3000 words with a maximum length of 4000 words. Charts and tables are welcome but extensive use of algebra or footnotes is discouraged. The work may already be published or be original. Specially written shortened versions of longer works will be considered solely on their own merits.

The 2017 Competition is now closed and the following entries, listed by author in alphabetical order, have been shortlisted for this year’s Rybczynski Prize.

Sam Hill UK: Putting the ‘H’ in CPIH. What would a new target mean for the Bank of England’s conduct of monetary policy?

Mirko Licchetta and Michal Stelmach Health spending: it’s not just about ageing

Timothy Munday A weak outlook for Euro area wage growth

Lasse Holboell Nielsen and Dylan Smith Elections vs Polls

The winning entry will be announced at the Annual Dinner on Wednesday 29 November, with the winner(s) receiving £3,000. Our thanks go to PwC for their kind sponsorship of the competition.